What We Do

This Web Site persecutes to make its available an instrument that facilitates the obtaining of clear information and needs on products and services destined to replace its legal needs in the Dominican market, to the being effective means to approach us our clients and to put at the disposal of those users require who it, our direction and experience.

Like part of the strategic lineaments of Aristy, Ferraris & Associates, through a customized and efficient service, we hoped to become its legal advisers of confidence, being supported its development and attending to him with professionalism, loyalty and honesty, become attached to a strict deontological code.

The primary target of this page Web is to present the services offered, creating a narrower bond with the main connections of legal, commercial and enterprise interest, as much in the public sector as in the private one, at national level and towards the foreigner.

We are thankful for to our clients the deposited confidence in us, thanks to who we continued growing and reiterating our commitment to offer an up-to-date service, of high quality and mainly of utility, to respond of opportune and reliable way to its demands.

Personal Services

We offer serveral services for our personal customers.

Business Services

We offers several services for our bussiness customers.

Immigration Issues

we offer several services for Immigration Issues

Real estate

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Accounting and Tax Consulting

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Import and export

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Zona Universitaria
Santo Domingo, D.N, 10104
Republica Dominicana
809-566-5050, 809-732-0900
Italia +(39)-02-32-06-29-75-5
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